Kelly Hoffman, CEO and Director

Mr. Hoffman, 61, has organized the funding, acquisition and development of many oil and gas properties. He began his career in the Permian Basin in 1975 with Amoco Production Company. His responsibilities included oilfield construction, crew management, and drilling and completion operations. In the early 1990s Mr. Hoffman co-founded AOCO and began acquiring properties.

David A. Fowler, President and Director

Mr. Fowler, 61, has served in several management positions for various companies in the insurance and financial services industries. In 1994, he joined Petroleum Listing Service as Vice President of Operations, overseeing oil and gas property listings, information packages, and marketing oil and gas properties to industry players.

Daniel D. Wilson, EVP and Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Wilson, 58, has 30 years of experience in operating, evaluating and exploiting oil and gas properties. He has experience in production, drilling and reservoir engineering. He served as the Vice President and Manager of Operations for Breck Operating Corporation (“Breck”) for 22 years.

Mr. Wilson oversaw the building, operating and divestiture of two companies during his tenure at Breck. At Breck’s peak, Mr. Wilson was responsible for over 750 wells in seven states and had an operating staff of 27 including engineers, foremen, pumpers, and clerks. Mr. Wilson personally performed or oversaw all of the economic evaluations for both acquisition and banking purposes.

William R. (“Randy”) Broaddrick, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Broaddrick, 42, was employed from 1997 to 2000 with Amoco Production Company, performing lease revenue accounting and state production tax regulatory reporting functions. During 2000, Mr. Broaddrick was employed by Duke Energy Field Services, LLC performing state production tax functions. From 2001 until 2010, Mr. Broaddrick was employed by Arena Resources, Inc. as Vice President.

Hollie Lamb, Vice President of Engineering

Ms. Lamb, 45, has 20 years of experience in domestic oil/gas evaluation, exploration and production operations, management, and petroleum engineering consulting. She has an extensive background in reservoir evaluation and economic evaluation. Her career has centered in Permian Basin, which has enabled her to focus on the upside in the basin.

R. Matthew (“Matt”) Garner, General Counsel and Vice President of Land

Mr. Garner, 45, has been engaged in the practice of law, both privately and in various in-house capacities, for over 19 years. Prior to joining Ring Energy, Inc. in 2016, Mr. Garner had a private practice that focused on representing clients in connection with oil and gas-related mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

While in private practice, Mr. Garner assisted clients with land title matters and a variety of oilfield-related contracts. From 2008 to 2011, Mr. Garner served as General Counsel and Land Advisor to Henry Petroleum, LP and its successor, Henry Resources, LLC. During his time with Henry Resources, the company drilled and completed approximately 400 Wolfberry oil and gas wells in the Permian Basin. Mr. Garner holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Abilene Christian University and Juris Doctor Degree from Baylor University School of Law.